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Teaching kids to code is child's play with Rodocodo - Code Hour

Rodocodo – Code Hour is a free coding game for kids (aged 4-11) that makes learning to code fun and easy. Neither you or your class need to know anything about coding to get started.

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"Just what we have been waiting for!"

"A fun and engaging way to teach programming, debugging and logical reasoning, without the children even realising they are learning. We love the way the children are able to progress at their own pace and how they receive instant feedback."
Rodocodo testimonial - Adam Bevan - Carrington Primary School
Adam Bevan
Carrington Primary School

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Download Rodocodo – Code Hour or play online.

No need to sign up or log in – just play!


Choose your difficulty and complete all the levels.

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Can be played on any computer or device!


Download and print your certificate.

A great way to reward your pupils’ hard work!

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Making learning to code fun and easy!

Pupils learn to think of coding as fun and not hard

  • Your pupils won’t realise they’re learning because it feels like playing a game.
  • We find pupils persevere longer when they’re stuck if they’re having fun. So we made fun our focus.
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Ensures every child learns to code

  • Girls are under-represented in the tech industry. We want to help remedy this, so we’ve made a concious effort to be gender neutral, and it works!
  • Rodocodo is designed for children at any attainment level. Even those who can’t read, or aren’t confident at Maths.

Your pupils learn to think like coders

  • Rodocodo teaches the science of solving problems (Computational Thnking) without them realising.
  • It develops their skills and confidence to solve problems on their own. This means they ask for help less often when stuck.
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Not confident with your coding knowledge?

You don’t have to figure things out on your own. Our free resources will help you to start confidently teaching your class to code. You don’t need to know anything about coding.

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Coding Vocabulary Posters

Our free coding posters explain the core concepts for KS1 and KS2. They use simple everyday life examples to make the concepts easier to understand and remember.

Coding concepts mini-course

Alongside the posters, you’ll also receive a free mini-course delivered as a series of 9 emails. These contain cross-curricular and real-life examples to use with your class.

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Get Your Free Learn To Code Posters

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