Teach your Class to Code with our Unplugged Coding Outside Activity!

Learning to code doesn’t have to be boring. Teach your students how to implement algorithms (a fundamental coding skill!) with our free unplugged activity: Coding Outside!


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Put your Algorithmic Thinking Skills into Practice!

In coding, an algorithm is a set of step-by-step instructions that a computer follows to complete a specific task. Understanding and being able to implement algorithms is a fundamental skill in coding, and is therefore a vital skill for students to learn!

  • This unplugged coding activity allows students to practice their algorithmic thinking skills in a way that is fun, engaging and doesn’t involve staring at a screen!
  • Coding Outside helps your students to develop their teamwork skills. Each person plays a key role, and they can only successfully navigate the grid if everyone works together!
  • From completing the activity, students learn that working out problems step-by-step is an efficient way of problem-solving, as they can figure out exactly where any errors occur.

How to Play


Step 1: Set-up

Get your students into groups of 3 to 5 and get them to assign themselves roles. They can either be the Coder (the person who writes the algorithm), the Bot (the person who follows the algorithm) or the Trap (an obstacle). Then, they must draw a 4 x 5 grid on the ground using chalk and place everything into position!


Step 2: Write your Algorithms

The aim of the game is to successfully get the Bot to the Finishing Point, collecting the Treasure and avoiding the Traps along the way. To do this, the Coder must write out commands and read them out to the Bot, who will follow them step-by-step. 


Step 3: Test it out!

If the group encounters any issues when testing the algorithm e.g. the Bot runs into a Trap or goes outside the grid, the Coder must correct the issue and the Bot should return to the Starting Point. This continues until the Algorithm runs smoothly and the Bot successfully gets to the Finish Point.

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