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Learning to code doesn’t have to be boring. Teach your students how to implement algorithms (a fundamental coding skill!) with our fun, new unplugged Draw This activity!


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Put your Algorithmic Thinking Skills into Practice!

In coding, an algorithm is a set of step-by-step instructions that a computer follows to complete a specific task. Understanding and being able to implement algorithms is a fundamental skill in coding, and is therefore a vital skill for students to learn!

  • This unplugged coding activity allows students to practice their algorithmic thinking skills in a way that is fun, engaging, and doesn’t involve staring at a screen!
  • Completing this activity improves your student’s algorithm writing skills and demonstrates why it’s so important to be precise when writing algorithms.
  • Draw This allows your students to get creative whilst also developing their teamwork skills.

How to Play


Step 1: Set-up

Get your students into pairs and assign them a role. The Coder will be in charge of writing the algorithm and the Computer will be in charge of following the Coder’s instructions and drawing a picture. The aim of the game is for the Computer to be able to guess what they were asked to draw, without having to communicate with their partner.


Step 2: Write the Instructions

The Coder first needs to come up with something for their partner to draw. Once they’ve decided, they must write out their instructions step-by-step. Once done, the Coder hands these instructions to the Computer. Remember: the more precise the instructions, the more accurate the drawing!


Step 3: Get Drawing!

The Computer must now follow the instructions that the Coder has given them and get drawing! The Computer can’t ask any questions or receive any help from the Coder – they must only use the written instructions! At the end of the turn, the Computer should be able to guess what they were asked to draw. If not, the Coder has to attempt a second set of instructions that are more precise.

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