Teach your Class to Code with our Unplugged Logic Puzzle

Learning to code doesn’t have to be boring. Teach your students to think logically (a fundamental coding skill!) with our free unplugged coding activity: Unlock the Chest!


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Put your Logical Thinking Skills into Practice!

In coding, Logical Thinking is the act of analysing a situation and coming up with a sensible solution. Logical thinking is an important skill for programmers to have, as they must always analyse their code and use their logic to solve any errors or “bugs” they may encounter.

  • This unplugged coding activity allows students to practice their logical thinking skills in a way that is fun, engaging and doesn’t involve staring at a screen!
  • The task of figuring out the correct combination to unlock the chest is difficult at first glance. To find the correct solution, your students must use their logic and think like a coder by analysing the information available to them (the hints!) until they can find the correct answer.

How to Play

The objective of this activity is to figure out the combination that will unlock the treasure chest. To do this, you must use the hints on the puzzle sheet to figure out what the correct numbers are and what position they go in. Let’s work through an example below!

Step 1: Find the Starting Point

Read through all the hints and find a good starting point. Use this starting point to begin cancelling out the incorrect numbers.

Hint 3 tells us that all three numbers are correct but in the wrong positions. Now we know that the combination will include the numbers 3, 9 and 7, but we don’t know which order they go in.


Step 2: Use the Hints

The next step is to go back to the previous hints and work through them to find the positions of the correct numbers.

When we revisit Hint 1 and Hint 2, we can cancel out any number that isn’t a 3, 9 or 7. From this, we can see that the 7 goes in the second position, and the 3 goes in the third position.


Step 3: Unlock the Chest!

Using their logical thinking skills, your students should be able to work out the correct solution and successfully unlock the chest!

From Hint 3, we know that 9 is also one of the correct numbers in the combination. As we only have one space left, we know that the 9 will go in the first position. This means our final combination is 973


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