Teaching kids to code is child's play with rodocodo

Teaching or learning coding has never been so accessible, or fun!

* KS1 & KS2 curriculum based lesson guides

* Automated assessments

* Built to play like a game︎

* Kids don’t need to be able to read

Start teaching to code with confidence, even if you're a novice coder

Really easy to teach, and learn

Your pupils will feel like they are playing a game, but they’ll be learning to think like a programmer, developing a growth mindset rather than blindly following tutorials.

Pupils learn that programming is fun!

Teachers with little experience of coding are understandably nervous about their ability to lead effective programming lessons. Rodocodo’s simple to understand lesson guides, automated assessments and expertly designed programming puzzles will help you in fulfilling the coding objectives of the National Computing Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Track pupil progress at a glance

Not sure how well your pupils understand a concept? Rodocodo automatically keeps track of each pupil’s progress and mastery level so you don’t have to. Find the answer in seconds on any device.

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