Teach your Class to Code with our Free Logic Puzzle!

Learning to code doesn’t have to be boring. Teach your students to think logically (a fundamental coding skill!) with our new unplugged Picross Puzzles activity!


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Put your Logical Thinking Skills into Practice!

In coding, Logical Thinking is the act of analysing a situation and coming up with a sensible solution. Logical thinking is an important skill for programmers to have, as they must always analyse their code and use their logic to solve any errors or “bugs” they may encounter.

  • This unplugged coding activity allows students to practice their logical thinking skills in a way that is fun, engaging and doesn’t involve staring at a screen!
  • The task is difficult at first glance. In order to complete the puzzle, your students must effectively think like a coder by analysing the information they have been given (the number clues) and use logic to fill in the grid and find the hidden image.

How to Play

The objective of this activity is to use the number clues along the sides of the grid to figure out which squares to colour in. Once the grid is completely filled in, a hidden image will be revealed. Let’s work through an example below!


Step 1: Use the Number Clues

Let’s start with the middle row. This clue [5] is the easiest – it tells us we need to fill in a block of five squares in this row. As this is a 5 x 5 grid, we can fill in the entire row. 


Step 2: Complete the Grid

Now let’s try the middle column. This clue [3, 1] tells us that we need to fill in a block of 3, leave a gap (of at least one block) and then fill in a block of one. 


Step 3: Find the Hidden Image!

Keep using the number clues to fill in the grid until the puzzle is complete.  Once the grid is complete, all that’s left to do is find the hidden image!

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