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This guide will take you through the steps of adding your class to Rodocodo. If you want to add multiple classes then you should follow the setting up multiple classes guide.

Adding a new class the easy way

If you have your class list then you can create your class by using the guide adding a new class the easy way.

Adding a few students

If you just need to add a few students follow these instructions but if you’ve got quite a few and don’t want to do too much typing then follow the instructions below for adding your class’ students.

  1. Go to the Classes page.
  2. Click on the Students button for the class you wish to add students to.
  3. Click on the New Student button.
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Press the Add button.

Repeat steps 2 – 4 until you have added all the students.

Your pupils can now log in at and start using the system.

Adding your class’ students

If you’re adding your whole class (e.g. 30 pupils) then it is much quicker to use a CSV file.

Preparing the CSV file

Your CSV file needs to be in the following format:


So for example if you have two pupils (Scott Summers and Jean Grey) the data might look like this:


Exported as a CSV file it would look like this:


Importing the CSV file

  1. Click on Import Students.
  2. Click on the button below Upload file and select your CSV file to upload.
  3. Click on the Create student accounts button.
  4. Wait.

If there are errors in the file, the page will display an error message stating which line(s) of the CSV has the problem. Please fix the errors and save your changes then go back to Step 2 to upload your updated file. If you’re unable to solve the issue then please get in touch with us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help.

If there are no errors the data will import and your class will be created.

By default, the system chooses the “Original (KS1/KS2)” course, but you should change this. The instructions for this can be found here.

  1. Click on the “Students” button to view the class username and passwords.

Your pupils can now log in at and start using the system.

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